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Dining Out

I haven’t been on this program a week yet but somehow I managed to end up at my favourite Japanese Buffet with a few friends last night. I really like sushi and I occasionally indulge when I’m in the mood. I was comfortable knowing that I was familiar with the menu and based on the guidelines set by NS (yes, I did read the guidelines before I left home), I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to order before hand.

I made good choices. I stayed away from anything tempura (ie, fried in batter) or rich in sauces, and focused on proteins like edamame, and cooked salmon sushi rolls, etc. It was an interesting experience because I ordered the same amount that I usually would – but I became full very quickly. Perhaps the eating habits of the past few days has adjusted the amount of food I am able to consume in one sitting. Carry on, I say! I suppose I thought my pals would indulge in their leftovers as well as mine. No such luck. The skinny b!*$%es were full too.

I knew that I wouldn’t attempt to force myself to eat but I was tempted when the server informed us that there was a no waste policy in effect.  You pay $20 for the meal,  but an additional $0.50 for each piece you are not able to eat. What a rip off. I wasn’t impressed. I never really payed any attention to that policy since I’ve never bitten off more than I can chew, so to speak.

Serves me right. All buffets of this kind should be BANNED! (Dramatic, I know). I doubt I will be seen at any all-you-can-eat establishment in the near future. Look for me at a local family restaurant where I won’t be charged for anything that I can’t eat, and I’m free to doggy-bag it for later.



February 6, 2010 - Posted by | Weight Loss

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  1. Verry interesting. Paying more for left overs … Ludicrous! This was an excellent post. Very important to know the dining out rules when you’ve modified your eating plan. The stomach is an amazing instrument as it adjusts to the amount you eat … So 2 more low fat brownies for you!

    Comment by CoolDestiny | February 6, 2010 | Reply

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