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Week 4 Summary – End of month 1

I completed 28 days on Nutrisystem and it was fun getting into the groove of things. But I think now the intensity has to be increased. The food is fine, I’m doing what I’m supposed to but I need to increase my physical activity. I’ve been walking 3 times per week for 30 minutes for the past 4 weeks. It is time to add a cardio program. Today was my first day using Slim In 6. I struggled and I was angry! LOL! Yes, ANGRY! I wondered how on earth people do these types of exercises – and for 6 days per week at that. Well, I can’t promise 6 days per week – the difficulty turns me off. But I’ve been encouraged to push through it as the difficulty is only at the beginning. As I progress in the program, I will get stronger and be able to follow along more with the moves.  We’ll see about that! (God help me!). Perhaps for me, this program will be Slim-In-12! But in all seriousness, I’m willing to try because I have a goal to accomplish.

So today, my weight has remained the same – 156lbs. For this month, I’ve lost 5lbs, 1.5 inches from my waist and an 1 inch from my hips. Not too shabby.

Lets see what this month has to offer.


March 1, 2010 - Posted by | Weight Loss


  1. Good job Lyn. I’ve lost 8lbs this month. Apart from the occassional walk with Aiden my physical activity is woefully lacking. Still need a practical routine.

    Nuff hugs!

    Comment by Nicky | March 2, 2010 | Reply

    • Woa! 8lbs is terrific! Way to go Nicky! You know what,I’m going to lend you the walking DVD that I used in 2008. It was really helpful and really gets your heart rate pumping! And you do it all in front of your television.

      Comment by Lynda | March 9, 2010 | Reply

  2. YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!! You gotta push through it and say, “so what if I can’t do what they are doing NOW, I’ll do it eventually!” Just know that they were once where we are, so we’ll catch up soon enough. You are going to be sore esp. in that first week because your muscles are waking up now and you’re body is readjusting to a new environment. Your body will fight to maintain current homeostasis because that’s the environment it’s used to. My first week was crazy, Saj and I had to slowly get out of bed since we could hardly move. I was walking around like cowboy ready for a shoot out cause it hurt to walk and move my arms. Yet, we had to still workout through the pain, but it got better and the soreness subsided. You’ll still get sore but nothing extreme like that first week. Even your brain is readjusting and that’s when it will say something like, “Girl, are you crazy? Please, slow ya roll before you pass out!” (well, that’s what mine says…LOL) But seriously, you gotta fight and listen to your heart here — Literally! If your heart rate is increasing at warp speed; you need a breather, so, take it. Get a HR monitor, it’s a must have tool for cardio. It will tell you just how much you are doing. It is a big motivator for me that lets me know when I am or when I’m not bringing it 100%.

    I read an interesting article that says it takes 21 days for an activity, done consistently, to become a habit. You have the healthy eating part down pat, and now, you will eventually get use to this new path and may even end up doing it six days a week, too. If you have to do it in 12 weeks instead of 6, no biggie! The time or length of the journey shouldn’t matter anyway, as long as you get there!

    Other things that worked for me:

    Taking the B12 vites right before working out, it seems to give me an energy boost. There are these soft chews and energy drink called FRS made for athletes that are pretty good. They are expensive, so I find the B12 works well too.
    Find a really good energy drink (Not Gatorade or stuff like that) to drink along with water during your workout. I currently drink Lucozade. It’s excellent, but still looking around for something local (as it’s imported, so costs more)and more natural.

    I also stumbled upon a great “sports candy”. That is, eating half of a banana gave me energy for my workout. Not a whole one; you don’t want to be full for cardio.

    Taking my vites after working out, there is a window of opportunity of about an hour after your workout that your system is primed to receive nutrients and that helps with recovery also. (An advice I got from my P90X program.

    My comment is lengthy as it is , but I hope you were able to get some great advice from it. YOU ARE DOING GREAT JUST KEEP BRINGING IT!!! xox

    Comment by Shel | March 2, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks Shel! I’m definitely going to try taking the B-vit before working out – although SI6 has been put on hold for a bit… but I’m still walking. You’re making me want to visit GNC so bad right now!! LOL! Thanks so much for the advice honey! Keep it coming! 🙂

      Comment by Lynda | March 9, 2010 | Reply

  3. OMG Lyn. I have been eating great stuff like millet and red rice and bulgar and barley. The barley is my fave so far. These grains are high in fibre, packed with minerals,great on the glycemic index and keeps me full for hours on end. I have given up all animal products for the past two weeks and feel great. I am now comfortably fitting into most of my prepregnancy clothes. I am aiming for another 5lbs loss.

    Keep strong. Hugs.

    Comment by Nicky | March 7, 2010 | Reply

    • What is millet? You’re making me google more than I already do! (If that is even possible) LOL! I’ve heard of bulgar and plan to get it so I can do a few of the recipes in my vegetarian cookbook. Yes, I totally know how great these grains are and I can’t wait to enjoy them! I know that happy feeling of fitting into your pre-pregnancy clothes. My experience the last time brought tears to my eyes. It was so emotional for me. Keep on going my weight-loss-health-guru-in-the-making-sister 🙂

      Comment by Lynda | March 9, 2010 | Reply

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