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A good week in the kitchen

Its been 12 days since I’ve been off the Master Cleanse and I’m feeling pretty good. Calm mostly, which is a really comforting feeling. My weight has been good – holding steady between 136lbs-138lbs. I thought it would have been more than that… but who’s complaining. 🙂

I made polenta again this week, so perhaps now this will be a regular item for me as its terrific for for dinner with a lean meat. Even better for breakfast, warmed up in a frying pan to make it crispy then topped with some maple syrup and an egg, over easy on the side. Its such a nice breakfast, perhaps because for me, its different from what I’d normally have – whole wheat toast or a whole wheat bagel. A very pleasant change! But I can’t have it every day…

Polenta, Egg and OJ Breakfast

I also made vegetarian Curried  Mutton which  was pretty tasty. However, I didn’t bring back alot with me from Jamaica so I wont be making it again for a while. Also, I’m trying to restrict the use of packaged and processed food. Although this [ie. “Textured Vegetable Protein” – Soy Protein Concentrate] is a really great as a source of protein (14g per 1/3 cup) and fiber (4g per 1/3 cup), its also high in sodium (630mg). I’ve seen worse in heath foods though, some exceeding 1200 mg per serving. Anyway, I cooked it similar to how I was shown, except I used red bell (sweet) peppers instead of scotch bonnet and I didn’t use any salt. Not too shabby!!!

Veggie Mutton, Quinoa, Sweet Potato Dinner

I’m looking forward to what this week will bring into my kitchen. Have a great week everyone!


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