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Its been 2 weeks since I started my temp job and I’m already hoping for the remaining weeks to go by quickly. Dinner has been a bit of a challenge since I’ve become used to paying so much attention to my meals – every little ingredient and detail counts. I guess I’m learning how to be slap-dash-gourmet if there is such a thing. I haven’t resorted to pizza being delivered so I know I’m doing okay 🙂 I find fruits like apples, bananas and pears hold up well for snacks at work. I’m also packing sandwiches now! That’s a first for me. It is very important that I eat! I always had a cooked lunch at work but there is no fridge in the lunch room plus I only work 6 hours. I’m just ensuring that I am eating the right things during this time.

I’m still not quite good at going to bed early and that is causing havoc on my early morning start time. Can you believe I’ve been nodding off at work? That’s just not like me at all! My body is still adjusting to this new routine so I will have to grin and bear it for the time being. My efforts will continue because my level of determination is quite strong. Then to top that, its been rather cold (-10C with a wind chill of -20C last week) so I’ve been drinking coffee in the morning and sometimes… I stop off at Tim Horton’s on the way home (for a hot beverage). I know it’s just for a time, so I will proceed diligently and see where this experience takes me.

On these cold winter nights, it’s rather comforting to have a late night snack before bed. As much as I enjoy my herbal teas – my tea of the moment is Oolong Tea – every now and again, I must have something else. I’ve always loved hot chocolate but over the years, I haven’t had it as much. At the health food store, I picked up a few packets of Organic Hot Chocolate. I tried both the Chocolate and Dark Chocolate flavours and they were both wonderful. A definite plus for these little packets – I did not have to add any sugar at all. In regular brand hot chocolate, I always added sugar, and lots of it. Too much! I enjoyed my cup of hot chocolate with some Flat Bread (a new snack to my pantry).


Flatbread & Organic Hot Chocolate

The week is almost over… and so is the year! Happy New Year~~~!!!



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  1. Oh yes! Flat bread, whole wheat of course is simple divine. I discovered it about a month ago and have been buying it ever since.
    Somehow I think your body will get used to the routine when it’s close to the contract end time. I’m concerned about your sleeping though … Rest is so important to life balance.

    Comment by cooldestiny | December 30, 2010 | Reply

    • Flat Bread is a great replacement for … *whispering* …cookies… I really like crunchy stuff 🙂 I’m concerned about my lack of sleep too CD. As much as I speak lightly about it, its a serious thing!

      Comment by Lyn | December 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. Oh … And I can now view your posts on BB again!! Yipppeeee!!!!

    Comment by cooldestiny | December 30, 2010 | Reply

    • Yaaaay! Live and direct mi sista!

      Comment by Lyn | December 30, 2010 | Reply

  3. Me again … I need to know how you got the weight tracker on here .. which widget did you use? I’m not having any luck with that..HELP!!

    Comment by CoolDestiny | December 30, 2010 | Reply

    • I’m on it! :-))

      Comment by Lyn | December 30, 2010 | Reply

  4. […] my previous blog entry , I mentioned that packing sandwiches was the way to go. Now that I’m home again, I think I […]

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