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Losing Weight With Portion Control

Portion control has been a major guideline for me since the start of my journey. Even before you change what you eat, its important to understand HOW you eat. I remember when eating a FULL plate of food was the norm – a plate packed from corner to corner. But no more. Food is no longer in control. I don’t feel bad about not finishing whats in my plate. I’ll get back to it later if its feasible.

In my recent conversations with people who have noticed my transition, when asked how I’m “doing it”, I generally advise that I cut back on my portion sizes (and of course light exercise – due to my limitations). People generally have a tendency to shudder when I say the word “diet”. Though I’m not quite sure why… Are people so afraid of change that it clouds their desire to become a better version of themselves, physically? I don’t know. The amount of times I’ve heard people say “no, I just couldn’t eat less”, or “I just love my food too much.” Why inquire if you’re not ready or willing to do what it takes to achieve the desired results? I’d be happy to hear of any other way to get in better form without having to make any change to my diet or without doing any exercise. I too love my food, but I love me more. Having the things that you “love” that don’t assist in your health goals should probably be consumed in moderation. Find something else to love that is good for you.

Eating less is NOT depriving yourself of any nutritional value if you are eating the right food. It is better to fill up on foods that allow you to feel satisfied, hence allowing you to create better eating habits. I struggle with the bad habit of snacking. Partially because I do most of my work around the kitchen table – a situation that will be remedied in the near future. Its like trouble just waiting to happen! But what I did to try to help myself, is to always keep fresh fruits at hand. Also I’ve been keeping various nuts handy too. I had to be careful since I wasn’t sure if the kids had allergies but they seem fine. They tend to be curious when they see me eating things that are “new” to them, so even though I haven’t been giving them nuts directly, they have raisins from the mixture. They have been enjoying Almond Milk and Nutella with no adverse reactions, and I’m happy about that.

Here is an article from Women’s Health Magazine that goes through a few points regarding portion control.

Eat well, feel and look better!



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