Lyn's Journey to 8

A Weight Loss Adventure


This blog is about my exciting adventure in weight loss. I’m challenging myself to get into the best shape my body has been in over a decade. I’m also celebrating the fact that my child baring days are over! (I hope, anyway :-)). I’m taking a pretty light-hearted approach to this journey because its more about celebrating my accomplishments, feeling good about my physical being, and appreciating my inner being as a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a cousin and a friend ♥.

This journey has other benefits aside from mere weight loss. I intend to use this opportunity to embrace a lifestyle change that will allow me to teach my children how to eat healthy and sensibly. I also hope to incorporate some sort of exercise that will become a normal aspect of life like going for walks and hikes.

I’m starting this adventure on my own but I hope to find company along the way!

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