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Great Cake, Super Mini-Muffins and Orange Glazed Chicken

As usual, I’ve been keeping myself quite busy. Still in pain but I think I’m just going to suck it up and go on the treadmill. If I can’t walk after that, then at least I tried 🙂 Other than that, I’m still trying new recipes and having fun in the kitchen – all the while ensuring that the ingredients and methods are figure friendly and can be consumed guilt-free with moderation.

This cake was amazing. Carrot and Pineapple Cake with Cream Cheese Topping. I’m going to try it again though because the center was a bit too soft for me (pudding-like). I won’t include the pineapple juice from the can next time and see if it makes a difference.


Pineapple Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Topping

Then came the Apple-Raisin Mini Muffins – made half and half with unbleached and whole wheat pastry flour. No eggs. Just apple and raisins to give it body. It’s a recipe from Paula Deen. So addictive!


Apple Raisin Mini Muffins

And finally, Orange Chicken – my way. I reduced the juice of an orange, added brown sugar and vinegar to make a glaze. Pretty tasty. Never had wild rice before. It wasn’t anything special.


Orange Chicken with Wild Rice

That’s it for this week. Let’s hope all goes well this week for me on the treadmill.



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